Living Roadways

Living Roadways

Baton Rouge Green’s signature project began in 1991 as an effort to improve the green infrastructure along major corridors and interstates in the Baton Rouge area. To date, the program has grown to include over 5,000 trees across 24 sites.

A 2011 iTree study of our Living Roadways sites suggests that these trees absorb over 9 million gallons of stormwater and produce stored CO2 benefits of over 9 million pounds each year, among countless other ecological benefits. Benefits to human health have also been documented, especially with regard to improved air quality and people with pulmonary issues. Several scholarly studies also suggest that enhanced vegetation alongside roadways correlates to lower stress and frustration in drivers, and reduced crash rates.

Not to mention, the trees are beautiful!

Baton Rouge Green cares for and maintains these trees constantly, which can involve pruning, fertilization, weed control, insect control and incident management. We do this through a cooperative agreement with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and in collaboration with the East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Public Works.

This vital work is entirely supported by sponsorships from private citizens, and local businesses and industry. In this way, the Living Roadways program represents the best of our community: a partnership between non-profit, private and public entities for the ultimate betterment of the entire Baton Rouge community and its citizenry.

To find out more about sites available for sponsorship, click here.

Thank you to these incredible Living Roadways Sponsors!